Kelly Khumalo wants to take care of President Cyril Ramaphosa after noticing this. Kelly Khumalo Wants to Take care of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Kelly Khumalo Wants to Take care of President Cyril Ramaphosa - Video

Kelly Khumalo is a woman of many talents. She is a singer, dancer and actress. Today, she adds one new title to her portfolio: comedian. The Empini hitmaker took to her Instagram to hit up President Cyril Ramaphosa for an opportunity to take care of his skin.

Kelly said she had woken up to check the news, as she usually does, and saw the Kenyan President with Ramaphosa in a picture where the former congratulated South Africans for a mature democracy. But being the beauty queen that she is, she immediately noticed a big “tshubaba” on our president’s forehead.

Then her business and marketing skills came in, as she dropped her shameless plug. She told the president not to worry, though, because she has a solution. All he has to do is give her a call, and she will have Kelly Khumalo skin delivered to him immediately.

Social media users are tickled by the video. From the accent she uses, to the fact that she calls him “Mr President, my sweet”, to her implication that the stress had given Ramaphosa a burn. She has undoubtedly made our morning today.


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But if you think about it, that was actually a brilliant marketing strategy by the singer. She has used humour to draw people in, and in the same video, has plugged her products and explained their benefits.
Her sense of humour is just one of the reasons Kelly Khumalo is widely loved in SA. She is an amazing singer, and one of her most famous songs, Empini, just recently reached 11 Million views on YouTube alone. She was very honoured and emotional about the great honour it meant, and we can only imagine how many other streams the song got outside of YouTube.

Fans showed how much love they have for the talent when they gave her a sweet rendition of the birthday song during her recently concluded birthday tour. For now, we wait to see whether the president will take her up on her sweet offer. We stan a focused businesswoman!

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