Kelly Khumalo’s daughter, Thingo’s touching prayer about her late father Senzo Meyiwa. In the latest episode of Life With Kelly, Thingo Khumalo expressed sadness over not having her father, Senzo Meyiwa, around.

Kelly Khumalo’s daughter, Thingo’s touching prayer about her late father Senzo Meyiwa

Kelly Khumalo heard Thingo praying about her father and so she asked her about it, “So you guys were praying and you said something about your dad,” she asked Thingo.

To the camera, Kelly said she is not okay with the fact that her daughter Thingo does not have a father, “My daughter not having a dad will never be something that sits well with me. I look at her and my heart just sinks.”

She then continues and tells her daughter, “If you miss him it’s okay to miss him too. So, how do you feel?”

Thingo responded, “Sad, because he’s not here.”

Senzo Meyiwa died during an alleged botched robbery in Kelly’s home in Vosloorus with her family and friends present.

She then said she too wished he was there with them but then God had other plans, “We all would have wanted him here but God decided to take him earlier than all of us. But that does not mean he is not watching over us… especially you. Wherever you go your daddy is with you. You know that right? Even at school,” she said to Thingo.


Kelly continued by adding that Senzo is in their hearts even though he is not with them physically. “It’s sad to hear a little girl pray about her passed-on dad, but it’s also comforting because now we are at the point where we can talk about daddy. Knowing very well that daddy is no more but we know he’s in our hearts,” she added.

In the previous episode, Kelly said the country robbed her of the opportunity to mourn Senzo Meyiwa. “One of these days the noise will die down and I feel I would have to take time to grieve, I have been robbed of that ever since Senzo passed away. The court of public opinion robbed me of that and they forgot that I am a person too and I have feelings,” she said.

“But you can’t take that documentary seriously. Remember they knocked at our door and we declined and we had to have Magdalene (attorney) involved? You remember they interviewed me under false pretenses and they said it was for a TV show in the UK,” she said.

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Kelly then had to drag Advocate Teffo for alleging that she is the one who shot Senzo Meyiwa.

“This is very disturbing. Extremely disturbing. There’s so many scenarios that South Africa has had. How desperate can one be to try and put me in jail for something that I did not do? My thing is that, that Advocate is desperate for attention.”

“And he knows that every time he mentions my name, he trends. Every time he gets up ‘my lord, Kelly Khumalo’. Argue. Make your submissions. We are here to find out the truth about what happened to my daughter’s father,” said an emotional Kelly.

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