Khabonina Qubeka’s Insane Yoga Postures Break The Internet. TV actress and fitnes guru Khabonina Qubeka is known to be a yoga fanatic and she does shy away from embracing her body.

Khabonina Qubeka's Insane Yoga Postures Break The Internet

Her latest yoga sessions postures are breaking the internet and we are here for it. The actress took to her Instagram account to share a collection of snaps from her yoga sessions and her postures will blow your mind.

Khabonina has been doing yoga for a couple of years now. She is cautious about her health, hence she has become proficient at moving her body and conquering her fears. Her fans took to the comments section to react to the pictures and they are in awe of her postures. Others couldn’t stop zooming into the pictures.

Sis sis definitely all about spreading body positivity and we are here for it. Have a look at the pictures below:

In 2018, Khabonina was quoted by TshisaLIVE saying that yoga should no longer be considered a whites-only practice and for slim people. Her goal was to change their mindset through #KhaboYoga.

“We were made to believe that we don’t belong there. ‘Black people doing yoga, well that just won’t do,’ many of them say. But I am doing research and the more I learn about yoga, the art and the origin, the more I realise they did so because they knew how much power they would be leaving in our hands. Because yoga forces you to introspect and to question a lot of things.”


“The problem is they have ‘white painted’ yoga. Yoga has become something reserved for the slim or the white or a certain exclusive group but that is not how it should be. Black people should happily do yoga, it is also for them and in fact there are traces of the origins of yoga in Egypt, Africa,” she said.





Last year, Khabonina made headlines when she demanded R40 million from Life Bedford Gardens Hospital in Johannesburg after her placenta was burned after childbirth.

“When you sign a legal document with a hospital to save your human tissue it’s your human right, women’s right, cultural right, and civil right,” she said. The placenta was allegedly a big gig feature because she was working on a TV show centered around the health benefits of preserving a placenta.

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It was a month after she gave birth that she went to the hospital to get a document so she could get an affidavit from the police so she could collect her placenta, but she was told the placenta had been disposed of.

“I felt the need to preserve my placenta because this was my first pregnancy, and I have no idea if I will ever be pregnant again. So for me this was a chance to explore the full avenues of my pregnancy. A placenta is the child’s blanket and culturally it benefits the child and the entire family,” she explained.

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