Actress and club DJ, Khanya Mkangisa flashed her b00bs to her fans watching an Instagram live conversation she was having with fellow actress Omuhle Gela, who told the former “The Queen actress to stop flashing her bre_ast.Khanya Mkangisa flashes B00BS


Khanyisa did not respond to calls and text messages sent to her at the time of publication.Khanya Mkangisa flashes B00BS

According to social media law expert Emma Sadlier, regardless of social standing, celebrity meltdowns on social media were embarrassing and came with serious legal implications.

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“Basically the law says that as soon as the content has been seen by another person the law kicks in, it doesn’t make any difference whether you are doing something on TV, radio, stage or social media.

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Sadlier said there was no such thing as ‘personal capacity on social media”. As soon as you have either an employment relationship or an influencer arrangement then you have got to think of what your duties are to the people that pay you,”

“Behaving drunk or having a nice time is not illegal, but certainly, if someone were to do something illegal you could be fired because you are bringing the company to disrepute.

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