Khanyi Mbau head over heels in love with her new bae, a Zimbabwean ‘scammer’.

Social media was lit as soon as Khanyi Mbau revealed her new bae, he started trending. Unfortunately, it’s all for the wrong reasons. The actress’s new boo shows up on her timeline, setting social media in a frenzy.

It seems however that Khanyi Mbau is more popular than we think. Besides the 28-year-old being Zimbabwean, masses are accusing him of evading the law’s wrath.

Khanyi Mbau shares a picture all cozy and snuggly to which her hunk catches masses’ attention. Social media goes ablaze with people commenting on the actress’s boyfriend.

Is it the same guy on Khanyi‘s story? Deleted it because wanted to first look properly. If it is wow. the guy is a massive Zimbabwean scammer.

The same guy is dating Ntokozo. He took her out off the streets.

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Yooh this guy stole my money saying he is a pilot and he will book for me. I have all the evidence.

The social media streets definitely think he is not the one for the actress. Those familiar with the guy say the man’s name is Kudzai Terrence Mushonga the ‘Ndege Boy’. Apparently, he is on the run after a fraud scandal that sees him swindling a Harare Micro-Financier of US$166 000 in 2016.

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