Khanyi Mbau Is Getting Financial Help From Lasizwe. Kanyi Mbau (34), has revealed that she was battling depression for the past two years, and is seeing a therapist.Khanyi told City Press that the lockdown has made the situation worse for her as she has no income.

Khanyi Mbau Is Getting Financial Help From Lasizwe

She told the Sunday paper that she is relying on family for help, especially her young brother, Lasizwe Dambuza, who has been helping her out financially., Khanyi said the ban on alcohol sales and closure of the entertainment industry left her in a tight space.

“It has affected me mentally, financially and spiritually. It has been such a challenging and difficult time for me. It has made things hard for me in terms of my career and with my gin. I couldn’t sell or advertise my alcohol. It meant no income for the rest of the year.”

She said she had seen many friends in the industry move back to their parents’ home or with siblings, and some pleaded with their family to help them make ends meet and to keep food on the table.

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Kanyi was also dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Tebogo Edward Billion, during the lockdown.Mbau thanked South Africa President, Cyril Ramaphosa for easing the lockdown restrictions to level 2.

She said the gin is handcrafted, and everything from design to production, delivery and storage had to be paid for, even during the pandemic.

Khanyi hit back at the argument that SA may have a “drinking problem”.

“Of course we are going to have alcohol problems. Of course we are going to become alcoholics. Guys, we are stuck at home, doing nothing, and the only form of escape we have is alcohol. We are stuck inside these four walls, we are not working. The only thing you can do while watching a house party on TV is have a dop.

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