Khanyi Mbau shows off her new hands. Khanyi Mbau shows off her new hand after bleaching the dark spork on her fingers.

Khanyi Mbau shows off her new hands

The actress said in less than a week, what she’s been battling with for a long time finally got answered.


In a photo shared, she revealed how her previous hand looked and the result of the bleach.

It’s no news that Khanyi is confident about bleaching her skin, and she’s not bothered by critics and trolls.

In fact, she’s gone as far as helping people who want their full body bleached.

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Speaking about the process, she wrote, “I met with her last week Sunday and today my hands are fixed!! Haven’t seen my hands look like this in a year !!! Only 6 days!! NO FILTER!! NO EDITS!!! MY HANDS ARE BACK!!! Still a little swollen from the peel, that should subside in a week or two …”


However, not everyone applauded her transparency, as some claimed the hands are not hers’.

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