Something bad happens to Khwezi’s pregnancy. Khwezi has been obsessed with Lehasa ever since she met him and her obsession got worse when she realized that Lehasa was in love with another woman.

Something bad happens to Khwezi's pregnancy.

When she found out that she was pregnant she knew that Lehasa and her belonged together. Lehasa on the other hand is not in love with her anymore.

Khwezi stabbed Lehasa with the intentions of killing him so that she could get his fortune. Her plan failed so she decided to force him to marry her. She told herself that Lehasa would not be able to see his child if he didn’t marry her. She got arrested and her prayers were answered, her uncles payed for her to get out on bail.

Her uncles did not understand why Lehasa would let their niece go to jail while he was supposed to marry her, so they decided to go to his place to talk it out. When they tried to get to the bottom of the matter Lehasa mentioned to them that Khwezi tried to kill him by stabbing him.

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Khwezi figured out that her only way out was through her pregnancy so she told her uncles about it and they were surprised.

Her uncles’ focus was on the pregnancy and not the stabbing so her plan worked.

Everything will now depend on how the uncles will react but they will take Khwezi’s side because it seems like they don’t care about facts.


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