Lasizwe deactivates Twitter account following shades thrown at him.Lasizwe’s official Twitter account is no where to be found which may mean he might have deactivated his account.

Lasizwe deactivates Twitter account following shades thrown at him


This is coming after the star shared a post about his ass and asked those who has the same small ass like his aren’t alone.

Lasizwe felt he was making a joke but online users kept throwing shade at him.

Trolls also took the opportunity to take shots at the star so he deactivated his account to avoid the drama.

Although the post was harmless, but many felt offended and took the matter on their head.

Instead of try and reason with the frenzy, Lasizwe decided it would be easier to just delete his account and avoid the drama.

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Lasizwe then began trending on Twitter as more online users started asking about what had led him to deactivating his account.

A lot of people are worried about him as regarding his mental health and hopes he returns back soon.


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