“We Mourn Differently,” Lasizwe Hits Back After Being Dragged For Sharing Pictures of Himself Grieving His Father. This past Sunday, siblings Lasizwe Dambuza and Khanyi Mbau took to Twitter to announce the passing away of their father, Menzi Mcunu. Lasizwe Hits Back Following Viral Photos At Funeral

Lasizwe Hits Back Following Viral Photos At Funeral

Lasizwe in particular shared emotional posts on social media, on how he is unable to cope since the news. A month ago, the media personality and YouTube sensation opened up about the complex relationship he has with his father. Lasizwe took to Twitter to open up about the resentment he had toward his father who hurt him at a young age.

It looks like before Mcunu’s passing, the father and son duo, had a cool relationship. Today, Mcunu was laid to rest, and Lasizwe shared pictures of himself expressing his grief. Some people though, felt the pictures do not belong on social media, and dragged Lasizwe. In his defense, he pointed out that people mourn differently.

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“Some people tend to forget we mourn differently and life isn’t a group assignment. If I choose to mourn on social media respect my wishes… isocial media yam le!“





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