Lasizwe offers his v!rginity to the new Zulu King. Social media has been abuzz since the appointment of the new Zulu King Misuszulu Zulu after the death of his father and the people ae ecstatic to have a king again.

Lasizwe offers his v!rginity to the new Zulu King

A lot of people have been commenting on how handsome the new king looks and a lot of girls were publicly shooting their shot on social media. Lasizwe a well-known TV personality joined the trend and he wrote “The new Zulu king can definitely take my v!rginity … literally I would make a plan on how to carry his babies. No ways!!! I have the biggest crus on him! He is such a handsome man with presences AF!”

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This received a lot of mixed reactions from people with some saying that he was being disrespectful to the new king. Some however said he was allowed to express the way he feel just like all the other girls who have been throwing themselves at the young king.

People should have freedom of speech no matter who they are.. It is a free country after all.

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