Mzansi’s R’n’B singer Donald and actress Natasha Thahane have left social media adding one plus one, getting two, and they trigger rumor of being in a romantic relationship. Latest on Donald Dating Actress Natasha Thahane

Latest on Donald Dating Actress Natasha Thahane

Aside from being mushy towards each other at the actress’s 25th birthday, the duo got fans thinking about them on another level with their recent tweets.

An active and observant Twitter user shared a screenshot of the two celebs tweets, which reveals Natasha’s talks on choosing wisely the father of your children.

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Donald also tweeted about wishing to be a father to a child.

Upon seeing the tweets, social media users did their calculations and concluded that the two are about welcoming a child.

Donald reacted by laughing off their thoughts and urged fans to relax.

“Relax bafowethu, Kanti keng.”

This isn’t the first time the singer is rumored to be dating a celebrity this year.

Before singer Cici welcomed her baby, lots of people concluded that Donald is the father of the baby, which happens to be false.

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