Lehasa Maphosa exiting Skeem Saam. Cedric ‘Lehasa’ Fourie set for dramatic Skeem Saam Exit

Lehasa Maphosa exiting Skeem Saam

He came and conquered! Viewers of educational soapie Skeem Saam are more than convinced that the villain they all love to hate Lehasa Maphosa acted by Cedric Fourie is set to exit the show through his arrest.

Cedric has played the character of Lehasa on Skeem Saam for five seasons and now it seems he might be kissing the screens goodbye.

Remember this isn’t the first time news about his exit has topped the trending charts.

According to the soapie teasers the actor’s exit has finally drawn to a close and might happen while no body expects.

Although his exit is yet to be confirmed, followers of the soapie have already connected the dots that his arrest will mean the end of his character.


As of last week, the Mavimbela couple was in Johannesburg preparing for Lehasa’s trial and judge Mavimbela is ready to put the nail to the coffin.

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Maphosa is on trial for various crimes which he managed to get away with but mainly for the murder of one of his loyal lap dogs Fannie Masemola.

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