Leleti Khumalo Beaten Up By Revered Mbongeni Ngema’s Wife For Sleeping With Her Husband.  Imbewu The Seed actress and Sarafina star Leleti Khumalo was almost beaten to a pulp after she was caught to be involved in an adulterous affair with writer Mbongeni Ngema. The shocking revelation was made by Mbongeni Ngema’s ex-wife, Xoliswa Nduneni-Ngema.

Leleti Khumalo Beaten Up By Revered Mbongeni Ngema's Wife For Sleeping With Her Husband

Narrating the news, Xoliswa said her mother warned her to be careful of Khumalo and Mbongeni’s relationship. The two were working together at that time shooting Sarafina. Nduneni-Ngema said her mother told her that Khumalo would sit on Ngema’s lap when he came to visit her in her house and they would hug each other and make jokes in front of her.

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Nduneni-Ngema said she suggested Mbongeni take Khumalo to her mother’s home in Daveyton so she could after her. “Leleti joined the rest of my family at our house and received care from my mother until she recovered and rejoined her fellow cast members”, she said.

She then later realized that everybody knew about the affair between Leleti Khumalo and her husband. After gathering all her evidence, Xoliswa ambushed Leleti Khumalo in the hotel room. “I beat her. But I was careful not to hit on her face. I also did not want to beat her on her legs. She had to go on stage and perform the following day. So with my stick, I concentrated on her body. She screamed, crying for mercy, crying for help. There was no mercy from me….. I beat her until she was silent”

She said when Ngema arrived, he intervened, beating her with the switch she had beaten Khumalo with. It was then she decided to end the marriage.

The revelations are available for all to read in Nduneni’s memoir titles Heart of a strong woman.

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