Letshego Zulu shook that five-year-old Lelethu is asking about her father’s death. Author and wife of the late Gugu Zulu, Letshego Zulu, took to her Instagram to share what she said was an unexpected conversation between herself and her daughter Lelethu about Gugu’s death.

Letshego Zulu shook that five-year-old Lelethu is asking about her father’s death

Letshego’s husband, racing car driver Gugu Zulu, died while summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in July 2016.

The author said her now five-year-old daughter started asking questions about how her father died and Lelethu’s level of inquisitiveness about the subject matter left Letshego shook.

“So, the other day, Lelethu and I had THAT conversation about her Dad’s passing and I was blown away at her inquisitiveness. Purely because she’s five years old and her level of reasoning, eagerness for knowledge and her curiosity far surpasses mine when I was 5.”

The author and motivational speaker admitted that she was a bit taken aback by the randomness of how the conversation came about.

Letshego said she thought it would happen when Lelethu was at least a teenager.

“I honestly thought this convo would happen when she’s in her teens because that’s when I started becoming curious about my own Dad’s passing (he passed when I was 2) … I have always encouraged open communication in our home so I must say I’m not surprised (but part of me is). Who else can relate to how “higher grade” our kids are nowadays? Wowza!” a shocked Letshego captioned her video on Instagram.

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In 2019, Letshego shared that after a lot of tears, laughter and reminiscing, she was ready to share what it has been like living without her husband in her book I Choose To Live: Life After Losing Gugu.

Letshego took to Instagram to announce that she had been penning her thoughts and feelings in a book that was launched in July 2019.

“I have been very silently, in my own time, writing my book for the past two years. It’s been a challenging yet cathartic experience. There were times when I would attend to just one paragraph then put it down for a month or two before gathering the strength to continue.”

The motivational speaker admitted that it wasn’t always a pleasant process to write her truth in the book, but that it wasn’t all gloomy.

“There were plenty of tears, lots of smiles and an abundance of laughter. A bag of mixed emotions really.”

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