Limpopo couple grilled on social media, because of this. Love is indeed blind but at this point twitter is worried if indeed its blind or its just child abuse at its worst, there are a couple of pictures trending on Social media of a couple in the Limpopo’l province.

Limpopo couple grilled on social media, because of this

The pictures were taken at Thavhani Mall just at Thohoyandou and the couple looked greatly inlove and happy but twitter was more concerned about the age of the lady. She looked rather young and too young to be with the guy of his age, but love as they say has no age limits but twitter wants to call the police.

Here are the pictures posted on twitter of the couple whom twitter want to destroy because the lady is short and seems younger.


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She may be short but that does not mean she’s a minor some say tvat allegedly she is even older than the guy so just because of a minor height people want to jump into conclusions and destroy this happy young couple. On one of the comments one even typed that Being short has never been a crime and people better respect her.



She did not creat herself and at most she might face more stigma about her height in a lot of places atleast now she found someone who loves her for who she is.

Here are a few comments that came after the picture were posted on twitter take a look at the views and opinions of others due to the pictures

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