Look at what people noticed in prophet Bushiri’s photo. There has been some speculation about the self proclaimed prophet Shepard Bushiri that he is not a true prophet, but after posting his photo on Facebook while praying near tree, people began saying he is using the tree as his idol. Since are not sure if it’s true let’s see what people has to say.

Look at what people noticed in prophet Bushiri’s photo

“I still don’t understand why people are so obsessed with Shepard Bushiri. I mean he has already showed the kind of creature he is, but there are so many people who still believe in him even though he has been exposed so many times. I pray to God to open the eyes of his people, so that they begin to see things as they are “said a Facebook follower.

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“I receive it! Papa I thank you for the declaration of decree in and declared what I had labelled or not labelled but I was keep on praying, crating to God and the God whom you serve my father, labelled the impossible life, things and situation according to me, kids and my family to TURN around.

Thank you my Oracle for condemned every spirit of lamitation and doubt, that from now on it would begin doubt itself. I’m a winner and I will WIN everything that I, nor my kids and my family do in Jesus Christ Mighty name Amen “said a Facebook follower


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