Luzuko koti dead and obituary, whats happened? cause of death. Africa Channel Business Manager Luzuko Koti is an experienced journalist, communicator and broadcaster.

Luzuko koti dead and obituary, whats happened? cause of death

Koti is the new business manager of Channel Africa, SABC’s international radio station. He has over 23 years of collective experience in the media, public service, private sector and most recently NGOs.

Since January 2017, he has been Director of Communications and Marketing at the Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF). He is particularly interested in developing communication and political engagement strategies. Before joining the foundation, Koti was the general manager and later the managing director of Oresego Holdings.

He also served as a talk show host on SABC Radio. He gained his first journalism experience in 1998 as a producer of broadcast current affairs news for PBS and later became a senior reporter. In 2003, Koti became a TV assignment editor for the Port Elizabeth newsroom before moving into the civil service as a communications director for the Department of Provincial and Local Government (DPLG).

He later became chief executive of the same department. Career highlights include being part of the SABC team responsible for the World Summit on Sustainability in Bali (Indonesia) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

He also hosted the NMF’s 2018 Nelson Mandela Centennial Celebration and oversaw former US President Barack Obama’s annual Nelson Mandela speech, as well as Oprah Winfrey’s ), Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie and other well-known guests at other NMF events. Koti brings extensive journalism and business knowledge, experience in media and international political networks, and civil society activism.

Koti’s education covers journalism and communication disciplines. He holds a BA in Communications from the University of South Africa.

He also holds a Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies from the Development Media Institute in Grahamstown, and an Advanced Journalism Teaching Program in Sigtuna, Sweden.

Luzuko Koti is a seasoned journalist, communicator and broadcaster with over 23 years of experience in the media, public sector, private sector and most recently NGOs.

Luzuko Koti is the business manager for SABC’s international radio station Africa. He is a seasoned communications and media practitioner with over 23 years of collective experience, including 17 years in senior management. These include seven years as a development journalist and contract editor for radio and television.

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He held a senior position in the Government of the Republic of South Africa for 7 years, as Director of Communications for the community support program Project Consolidate. He later became Director of Communications (Executive Manager) at the Provincial and Local Government/Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Division.

Koti was Executive Director of Communications and later Managing Director of Oresego Holdings. He was Director of Communications and Marketing at the Nelson Mandela Foundation for nearly 5 years. Koti holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. He has also studied journalism in developing media agencies and has completed several training programs in leadership, editing and management.

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