Makhadzi Attacked For Supporting Amanda. Musically especially on the womens side no one can touch Makhadzi, she is currently one of the biggest and trending music artist in South Africa and the entire continent.

Makhadzi Attacked For Supporting Amanda

She is an internet darling and her music is loved by so many people and she has now joined the elite group pf celebrities in the South African entertainment industry.

The saga involving Jub Jub, Amanda Du Pont, Podcast and chill and MacG is continuing and this time around the media involved Makhadzi in the issue.

Makhadzi commented on Amanda Du Pont’s post and Said “I am so heartbroken right now, you are so strong and we are with you”

peoppe believed that she should not be commenting on such situations
One user even said “This one i am disappointed because they will never approve her in their celebrity class”

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Another one said ” She is trying to fit in and she will never be a celebrity”.



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