Makhadzi Deleted Post of her & Master kg in b£dròòm. Makhadzi and Master KG have been in an on and off relationship. Previously, when they broke up, Master KG was the one who announced the break-up to the public through social media. He had said they will continue to work together musically.

Makhadzi Deleted Post of her & Master kg in b£dròòm

Masterkg and Makhadzi recently got back together, after they had broken up the previous year. Makhadzi is so much in love with her man, and does not care what people think about her relationship with the music producer. Most people have said that they don’t believe Masterkg really loves Makhadzi.

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She posted a picture of her and her boyfriend, Masterkg. The picture was taken in the bathroom, but she quickly removed it. It had a number of comments already, and some had already taken screenshots. Social media is quick, and people are always ready to screen grab everything. Nobody knows why she deleted the post that she deleted, or maybe she realized it was inappropriate.


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