Makhumalo is planning to do this for her daughter.Makhumalo’s relationship with her daughter Impilo is heart melting. Makhumalo is concerned about her daughter’s disappointment matric dance this year due to covert 19,she was robbed off matric dance experience.Makhumalo is planning to do this for her daughterMakhumalo revealed that she had promised Impilo sweet 16 last party last year which did not take place. Because during the June holidays she always encouraged Impilo to visit her biological mother. So to suit her heart she decided to plan pajamas party for Impilo and all matric friends but girls only. She also mentioned that she should go for pajamas shopping since Impilo sleeps in the bed suit jokingly.

Makhumalo proceeded to prepare for her lunch, she has planned to have with her family to show them her house project.Also Read – DJ Tira shares footage of a fan touching his manhood – Video

The most importantly to let them know that her wedding is cancelled due to the rules and regulations of covert 19.
She consoled herself that actually buy her time to save more money to renovate her house and have the wedding she wants.
We got to see that bloodis thicker than water, her family celebrated her paved floor and appeals like is their own achievement.

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