It has been reported that Zamanguni Maphumulo, who was the mother of the late South African musician Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo, is ill. According to Pinki Gumede, who is Mampintsha’s sister, Zama has been admitted to the Wentworth hospital, and she is currently receiving medical attention there.

Mampintsha’s mother is reportedly in hospital

Pinki shared with the Daily Sun that their mother is in a critical condition. She continued by saying that after Mampintha passed away in December of the previous year, she became frail and was unable to walk.”

A few days after Mampintsha passed away, reports began to circulate stating that Zama had been admitted to the hospital due to the fact that she was not feeling well. According to Pinki, the passing of Mampintsha has had an effect on the health of her mother.

Mampintsha’s Mom, Zamanguni Gumede Hospitalised After Collapsing
“She continued to deteriorate over the next few days leading up to the funeral. She was unable to sleep, and she was also unable to walk. At the funeral and memorial service for Mampintsha, it was necessary for us to show her support.”

Pinki shared with the publication that despite her mother’s bubbly personality, she hasn’t been the same since the passing of Pinki’s brother.

Pinki is pleading with the general public for assistance in obtaining the best possible care for her mother. She disclosed to the news organization that she is considering transferring her mother to a private hospital.

Even though I am aware that the medical staff is doing everything in their power to save her, my hope is that she will be transferred to a private hospital.

“That is beyond my financial means at the moment. I am making a request to the general public for assistance in order to ensure that she receives the best possible care “— I quote her.

According to recent information provided by Zimoja Lezinto, Zama is fuming about the actions of Babes Wodumo, who is her daughter-in-law. The Gqom Queen is currently trending for all the wrong reasons on various social media platforms.

The manner in which she is mourning and paying her Mampintsha her final respects is upsetting a great number of people. In an interview with the publication, Zama stated that Babes is showing disrespect for her son and that she is not grieving in the appropriate manner.

“One; please don’t take this the wrong way, I love Babes, and she and I reconciled our differences at her funeral; however, this is not how things are handled “said Zamanguni Gumede.

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“To begin, she is not at home; instead, she is probably out drinking and partying somewhere in the neighborhood. Two, she isn’t dressed in black like a traditional mourner would be. The daughter of a pastor is breaking the rules she was raised with. She goes about things in her own unique manner “added Zamanguni Gumede

She admitted that she is not a very conventional person herself, but she believes that Babes’ actions are unethical. “I am not a very traditional person myself, and while I understand that different people heal in unique ways and deal with grief in their own unique ways, this is not right. Having to witness this is excruciating. My son is being disrespected in some way by her “— I quote her.

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