Man Being Robbed By Five Men In Johannesburg CBD During The Day. Johannesburg is South Africa’s biggest city and capital of Gauteng province, which began as a 19th-century gold-mining settlement.

Man Being Robbed By Five Men In Johannesburg CBD During The Day - Video

Its sprawling Soweto township was once home to Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Mandela’s former residence is now the Mandela House museum. Other Soweto museums that recount the struggle to end segregation include the somber Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill, a former prison complex.

Most people come to Johannesburg looking for jobs while others come to Johannesburg to study. Many things are happening in this big city because everyone from the South African nine Provinces and none South African citizens are coming to the City looking for opportunities. The Johannesburg CBD has many streets and some of the streets are no-go areas as many crimes are happening there.

Some people come to Johannesburg looking for jobs and end up not get what they are looking for and end up staying on the street as street kids and taking drugs, for them to survive they rob people in the city. Some of none South African citizens come to the city with bad intentions as they sell drugs to people while others continuing to mug people in the city.

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One social media user shared a video of a man being robbed in one of Johannesburg streets by five men during the day while people moving. People decided to take videos instead of helping the guy who was fighting for his phone and wallet while people watching. It is alleged that the five men are Zimbabweans.

it is no longer safe in South Africa, we leave in fear of being kidnapped, robbed, or killed by other foreign nations. And it is sad how our government doesn’t do anything while the crime in South Africa increases dramatically.


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