The society has a certain way that they like to see rich people behave. That includes wearing nice clothes live in big houses and drive expensive cars. However that is not always the case with some rich people. Man dressed in torn clothes buys a car worth millions!

Man dressed in torn clothes buys a car worth millions!

Some rich people do not even want people to know that they are rich. They dress in a very simple way and no one hardly pays attention to them. A certain guy named Dumisani Goba who is the founder of SATMA showed off pictures of how he walks around when he is in public.

He wears a torn trousers and a cheap worn out shirt. This is because he enjoys how people judge and undermine him just because of the way he looks then he surprises them and buys a million rand car or something that costs a fortune when they least expect it.


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This is meant to teach the society that things are not always as they may seem and you should not judge a book by its cover. Treat everyone with respect because you never really know who they are.

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