Man fights SAPS on the roof of a house & seems to win the battle.

There is a tension between the SAPS members and people failing to comply with the law. There is a trending video on twitter, of SAPS members who are in battle with a criminal on top of the house. This caught everyone by surprise.

Man fights SAPS on the roof of a house & seems to win the battle - Video

People are left stunned with what they are seeing. It is a total disbelief to see how hard the SAPS members work. This man is giving them a tough time and people are on the ground watching.

The level of disrespect to the SAPS by the South African people irking. These people are meant to protect the lives of the citizens, and they should not be doing a tough job when it comes to these incidents. People demand answers as they want to comprehend what is really going on here.

It is a norm that criminals give SAPS members a tough time. Some kill them for exposing them and wanting to incarcerate them. It is a norm that police also fear for their lives as they are human beings. People are familiar with this and they constantly need to be reminded.

This battle is taking place on the roof of a house.There are two police officers who are on the roof of the house with this boy in a red shirt. He is attacking them, because he fears to be incarcerated. These two police officers are self defending themselves, because this boy can cause harm to them.

It should be recalled that this boy has nothing to lose. He can use everything to escape capture, thus it is imperative that these police officers are cautioned and always check their movements on this house.

Anything bad can happen here. It is not safe to be running and chasing after someone on the roof of a house. People are stunned as they never thought such a thing can happen. South Africans never cease to amaze.

Other police officials are on the ground, patiently waiting for this man to come down and so that they can arrest him. He seemed to be in control of the fight, as he escaped capture on the roof, until he fell down. People in this community are watching and making noise, behind the camera man. Screenshot cred: Twitter.

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The SAPS members are trying to help this community, by eliminating this criminal from society, so that he no longer provokes them and makes their lives miserable. This video is circulating on twitter, and a lot of people are engaging in it.

It is disappointing to see how criminals are enjoying themselves and giving police a tough time. They do as they please, knowing that it will be difficult for the SPAS members to incarcerate them. South Africa is turning into a country full of crime.

People are in fear after watching this video. People put their trust in the SAPS members, and when they see such incidents they lose hope. They are frightened by criminals and it will be difficult to call the SAPS, knowing that they might be defeated as well.

People poured out their opinions in the comment section. It is a norm that everyone has a different opinion, based on their backgrounds or experience. Tell u your thoughts in this.

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