Man finally marries his sweet heart after 52 years of dating.Love is indeed such a beautiful thing.A Zimbabwean woman had to wait for an astounding 52 years to finally get a white wedding.

Man finally marries his sweet heart after 52 years of dating

In the end it was worth the wait as the wedding has received front page newspaper headlines.

Despite having nine children and 12 grand children, the couple said they white wedding made them feel young again.

Mr Favayo Lawrence Chinyere (77) and the love of his life, Irene (70), who are primary school sweethearts from as long ago as 1961, had to wait until last week to solemnise their undying love in “white wedding” bliss.

They are from a rural Zimbabwean town of Mberengwa which is in the Midlands province.They could not get married when they were younger because their finances were limited and they used them to raise their children and to give them quality education.Their wedding came courtesy of a gift from their children.

In May when their children, nephews, nieces and grandchildren asked them what they would want to be done for them in appreciation of the sacrifices they had made in raising them, they promptly said they wanted a wedding.

It was a moment to eat, to drink and to celebrate love in the best possible way. Love is indeed such a beautiful thing.

In the true African tradition of the extended family concept, they also put some of their orphaned nephews and nieces through school.

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Thur say it takes a village to raise a child. This couple has been blessed with the wonderful gift by their children and family members.

The couple hopes that their union can inspire other people never to give up on their dreams because of age.

They both sounded like teenagers who are in love for the first time after they were contacted for an interview.

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