Manaka Ranaka and her daughter had a joint baby shower?

Manaka Ranaka and her daughter had a joint baby shower - Pics

Celebrities are amazing indeed, it now makes sense why Manaka shared very little about her pregnancy journey, it is all going to be aired on their family reality show, The Ranakas.

When news of her pregnancy hit the public, some were excited for her while some couldn’t get over how Manaka would be a new grandmother and a mother at the same time. This was all because she and her daughter were pregnant at approximately similar months.

The picture of the mother and child shows them sitting side by side in matching outfits, although her daughter’s baby bump was huge, she was carrying a bum in the oven and very few people knew.

In an emotional Instagram post wishing her daughter a happy 20th birthday, Manaka boasted about proud she is of her and how she has zero regrets.

Happy Birthday mama. The one who made me a mother . The one who made me aGmom (grandmother) . You @kay.stone_core are such a blessing in my life. We were so meant to be. 20 years of doing this life thing together, and I’ve never looked back since. I remember when women I worked for told me to abort you and I was like la hlanya (y’all are crazy), they fired me!

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She has two daughters with her present boyfriend who is a sangoma, her eldest daughter, Katlego who is just 18 years old is the one that was pregnant just before her mother.

Her grandchild is three months old and according to Daily Sun Manaka gave birth a few weeks ago.

It was indeed battle of the bumps, the beautiful thing is how close in age her grandchild and child have in between them.

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