ACTRESS Manaka Ranaka, better known as Lucy from Generations: The Legacy, will not appear on the popular soapie for the next four months. This is because she is on maternity leave and preparing herself to welcome her bundle of joy into the world.

Manaka Ranaka Leaves Generations : The Legacy

The show’s publicity manager, Nandipha Pantsi, said the actress left two weeks ago.

“I can confirm that Manaka is on maternity and will only return next year. However, fans can rest assured that she will definitely be back. There’s a big storyline that her character is involved in,” said Pantsi.

In an interview where the actress revealed the news of her pregnancy, she said she didn’t care much about the baby’s gender because both genders are equally important in society.

Manaka Ranaka has been on the news after she revealed that she was fired from a job early in her career after she refused to abort her child.

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The ‘Generations: The Legacy’ actress, who recently celebrated 20 years in the industry, used social media to share some of the hardships she endured two decades ago when she was pregnant with her first baby.In an Instagram post, Ranaka shared a bit about getting pregnant at the start of her career and how she was asked to get an abortion by the woman who hired her all those years ago.

After Ranaka refused to abort her baby, they fired her, but she didn’t care because she was so determined to keep the child and enter the next chapter of her life with her pride and joy.

Ranaka, according to reports, is pregnant with her second child. Details of the pregnancy are unknown at this time.

Manaka Ranaka Leaves Generations : The Legacy

Ranaka teased us a bit and shared a picture on her Instagram of her baby daddy. What a beautiful couple.

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