Master KG’s fans are up in arm, following the abrupt removal of the Limpopo musician’s Jerusalema music video on YouTube. The streaming hit music video had amassed more than 65 million views since it was released.

Master KG's Jerusalema Video Taken Down On YouTube #BringBackJerusalema

Master KG’s fans have taken to Twitter to vent out their frustration following the removal of the video on copyright grounds. This follows after Music Business recently revealed that the internationally recognized musician has signed a new deal with Warner Music Group’s (WMG) Elektra France, to hold rights to his Jerusalema album.

Fans have accused Master KG of being a sell out by signing the deal and they are suspecting that the video will won’t be back because of the new deal. Some reckon that the deal will see him dominating the world with his music, as he makes his mark internationally.

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Fans have given the company an ultimatum to bring back the video otherwise hell will break loose.

In his response Master KG said there are some technical issues regarding the video and it will be back soon.

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