Mbali Enhle takes child to school with wrinkled uniform. This divorce is the messiest and nastiest we have ever seen amongst the celeb and people who are most negativity affected is their kids.

From another point is that the former loved birds endured so much on the hands of each other while still married and didn’t get a chance to resolve their issued hence the divorce.

This drama is clearly taking its tall on the mother and kids. The drama is just going on and on.

She innocently posted her kids going to school in their school uniform like any other good mother would, like always the media noticed that one of the kids had on wrinkled blazer and shit.

I dont really think that Enhle is a bitter Ex wife the issue is that she went through so much that the pain is deeper than we could ever imagine.

Its even worse seen your alleged ab_user moving on is if nothing happened, is business as usual for the other party and Mbali is left all alone to pick up the pieces and act accordingly for the sake of the kids.

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In the process of all of this the people which were most concerned about all of this its the kids because at the end of the day Black Coffee is their beloved father and they might not know the root course of this scuffles.

We all wish that they could both heal and find amicable bases to co-parent as they are both mutually important to their kid’s lives. Social media is not the write platform to adress the issues at hand.

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