Mdala going back to prison. Mdala is playing the dangerous game that he could have avoided longtime ago, after trying to ruin things for Nhlamulo knowing that the young man knows sensitive things about him which might make him go back to prison after the violence that he has made in the past.

Mdala going back to prison

They have been challenges that these two were going through in the past month which lead Mdala to steal Lindiwe from Nhlamulo which has made the young go all out to fight dor his wife, and launch a hectic war that has put those who are closer to her on a danger.

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But sleeping with someone wife was the biggest mistake that Mdala has ever done on his life because Nhlamulo has started tao show his true colors.

The situation is starting to be tense this days after Mdala has beaten up Nhlamulo’s friend who helped him to scam him on his club stole his money.

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