Meet Lungelo Gumede, a man who ‘raises dead celebrities from the dead’ – WATCH. World-renowned artist, Lungelo Gumede, one talented South African-based artist has caught so many people’s attention with his surreal hand-made wax sculptures of live and dead celebrities, politicians, and prominent faces across the world.

Meet Lungelo Gumede, a man who ‘raises dead celebrities from the dead’ – WATCH

The sculptures look so real, one would think they have life in them.

Some social media commentaries have equated his work to raising the dead to life.

The Durban-based artist recently turned heads with a life-sized wax sculpture of the late Ricky Rick.

The publication reported that the life-sized wax figure was so real the deceased’s family had to reach out to the Lungelo and asked him not to show off his work to the public.

According to Lungelo, he was willing to showcase the sculpture for free as a tribute to the late Ricky Rick.

He thinks the family reached out to him because when they look at the statue they feel like it is him in person and that brings back painful memories of Ricky.

A collection of sculptures in his bedroom gallery was recently released on social media by one comedian, Sizwe Mdlalose.

Watch the videos of sculptures below:


Ayi futhi Jesu

♬ original sound – SizweMdlalose

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It features a number of prominent public figures, both dead and alive, including Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II, among many.

Lungelo has been one of the prominent artists in South Africa. He has managed to export his work to the United States. In 2020 he successfully ran his first-ever exhibition in the US in Hollywood’s Exact Science Museum.

He is currently working on building the first wax-sculpture museum in South Africa.

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