Meet The Woman With Seven Husbands : “I Satisfy Them All”. A video of a polyandrous woman married to seven (7) husbands has made rounds on social media.

Meet The Woman With Seven Husbands : “I Satisfy Them All”

The woman who is apparently a traditional healer is reportedly living in peace with her husbands. The polyandrous woman does not cut her hair as was the case with her predecessors saying, like the Biblical Samson, her powers emanated from the hair. Watch the video below for more.

She stated, in a trending video, that she has built them houses each and also caters for their needs – The lady went on to reveal how she keeps them in check from cheating on her, saying she possesses superpowers.

The yet-to-be-identified woman married seven husbands herself.

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In a trending video shared on Twitter , the woman who was flanked by all her husbands revealed that she singlehandedly takes care of their needs and has even built each one of them

The lady went on to state that it is at her discretion when it involves intercourse as she decides which of them it should be.

In a tone that exudes confidence, she boasted that none of the men have the effrontery to cheat on her. According to her, she possesses super powers that help checkmate their activities. In the clip, all her husbands were mute, save for sipping and passing to the next person a drink in a gourd she had held.

The video has generated mixed reactions on social media. Some persons opined that the men must be under a spell, others hailed her as the real queen.

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