Meet Thobani: The First Man To Serve Jub Jub Humble Pie As He Walks Away With His Two Women. UyaJola 9/9 is without any doubt one of the most watched shows on South African TV.

Meet Thobani: The First Man To Serve Jub Jub Humble Pie As He Walks Away With His Two Women

Jub Jub and his crew tackle a cheating case that has been brought to their attention by one partner who is no longer happy about his/her partner’s behavior, people always gather around their TV sets to be served yet another exciting episode and this past Sunday was no different, it had all the required ingredients of drama, but this week Jub Jub was literally left disappointed at the end of the show after Thobani walked away with his two women after all the confrontation and the drama.

The complainant wrote to the show asking for help to prove that her partner Thobani is up to no good since these days he is no longer the same man he was before, she said he no longer spend time with her as he used to do, he is always away and has been behaving strangely and she suspects he has been up to no good, hence she needs UyaJola 9/9 to step in and assist her.

After she saw the pictures of her man with another woman at the restuarant, the woman asked to be taken to where they are so that she can confront them, as expected, when they arrived, it was chaos all over with the two women all over each other, they were throwing punches on each other and they were slippery, the protection ladies could not handle them as they usually do to the other women on the show to make sure that no one is injured.

Meanwhile, the cheating boyfriend Thobani was showing no panic at all, he just wanted the two ladies to calm down and at stage, he asked the two ladies if they love him and both of them said they do despite all the drama, after they answer, he asked them what it is that he should do now that they both love him, he literally was proud of his doongs and at some point told Jub Jub that he rules KwaZulu-Natal, he wont do anything since this is not Johannesburg.



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After all has been said and done, there has to be a solution and the Thobani told Jub Jub to step aside as he took his two women and walked away with one on each side, they both agreed to go with him, he was praised on social media for being the first man to walk away with two women on Uyajola since usually, most men are dumped either by one of the women or by both of them, but Thobani walked away with his two women.

After the three left Jub Jub was left humbled eating a humble pie, he felt used since the lady who called him agreed to be in a polygamous relationship right in front of the camera when she was fired up and angry about being cheated on.

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