Meet Tv Personality Ayanda Ncwane’s alleged new boyfriend. Ayanda Ncwane’s new boyfriend has caught the eyes of twitter and they are wondering one thing and onee thing only. If he is a great performer like Ubaba Ncwane was.

Meet Tv Personality Ayanda Ncwane’s alleged new boyfriend

After making claims that she wants to have a baby with her new boyfriend now we got to meet the boyfriend and he looks a lot like DJ Khaled.

After wondering if he is a great performer like Ubab Ncwane was twitter concluded that he isn’t but he is probably a great performer financially unlike Ubab Ncwane.


But not only does Ayanda’s new boyfriend looks like DJ Khaled he even looks like other South African Musians such as Cassper but let me just tool.

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After revealing that she was ready to have another child and then following the drama with Sfiso’s daughter we are still wondering of she really just wants to have the baby or she just wants to have a great performer financially.

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