Meikie Maputla gives an award-winning performance. Our ears are still running from the rage expressed by Meikie Maputla in the recent Skeem Saam episode after she found her husband, John Maputla and her best friend and neighbour Mantuli talking about DNA tests.

Meikie Maputla gives an award-winning performance

As soon as she walked in on them, they quickly changed the subject and played dumb. Offcourse Meikie wasn’t going to fall for this and as she started questioning them, Mantuli escaped and ran away. John was left to answer all of Meikie’s burning questions. John told her that they must discuss the matter at home as he cannot discuss family matters in his place of work.

Meikie then went in search of Mantuli and turned her house upside down trying to find where she was hiding. She had already fled and is on her way to her brother, Sfiso’s place in Thembisa. But first, she made a stop at Sis Ouma’s house.

What stood out more than anything else was Harriet Manamela’s acting – the actress responsible for bringing Meikie Maputla to life. She put on a performance that only a few could match and left everyone singing nothing but praises for her.

Harriet Manamela was born in Diepkloof, Soweto in 1971. She spent most of her young life there before pursuing a career in television. She also has a strong background in theatre. Manamela has been part of Skeem Saam since its inception in 2011. She has also featured in other critically-acclaimed South African shows including Isidingo, Yizo Yizo, Soul Buddyz and Rhythm City. In 2012 she won a SAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress for her incredible role in the movie Life Above All.

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The storyline about Zomokuhle looking for his father is one that has captivated viewers the most in 2021. No one could’ve seen it coming. Mantuli and Meikie have been best friends for the longest of time and very good neighbours. Everyone in Turf has always held Mr Maputla in high regard and no one would’ve guessed that he was cheated on Meikie – more especially with her best friend Mantuli. Plus, Zamo and T’Bose are close friends. They spent most of their childhood together. Even their adult life.

Do you think John would agree to take the DNA test? And if so – do you think the results will prove that he is Zamo’s biological father?

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