Miss SA Finalist Praised For Flaunting Skin Condition. Miss South Africa’s past winners like Zozi Tunzi have broken the mold when it comes to beauty standards, and a new finalist is following in her footsteps.

Miss SA Finalist Praised For Flaunting Skin Condition

This week’s Top 30 includes Zoey Seboe, who is working to normalize her rare skin condition while also pushing the boundaries of diversity and inclusion.

Zoey suffers from lamellar ichthyosis, a rare genetic disorder that manifests at birth and persists into adulthood. As a result, Zoey’s skin has become dry and scaly.

The 22-year-old proudly flaunts her unique appearance in official Miss SA portrait photos. Indeed, one look at her social media platforms reveals that she is comfortable in her own skin.

In a statement to the press, the law student stated that she entered Miss SA to empower herself and others.

She said: “I entered because I am ready to face my power and embrace my future. I believe the Miss SA platform is closely aligned with the social causes I support.”

“I believe I should win because I am driven to take this platform to the next level, not just in diversity and inclusion but in breaking stereotypes that have been consciously and unconsciously perpetuated towards those who look different.

Miss SA fans are captivated by Zoey Sidebe’s beauty, but also by her confidence and commitment to being included in the competition.

Here’s what people on Twitter have said about her:

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@thabiiiee: “When they say representation matters they aren’t lying. Someone just shared with me one of the Miss SA contestants and I’m literally crying. Zoey Seboe has my heart. She is doing what I’ve never had the courage to do which is not let your skin condition define you. She is beautiful”

@Zoemkoena: “People who are conventionally attractive will never understand how much representation matters. I want Zoey to win Miss SA. When I was younger, I could only wish to see someone who looked like me being portrayed in a positive light by mainstream media. I want this for the girls”

@JohnsonAwalle: “Zoey is changing the narrative of beauty her story is powerful”

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