The disgraced Expresso TV presenter Katlego Maboe will have to appear in court this week on charges of harassment of Monique Muller, after he allegedly violated the court’s protection order not to stay away from his former lover who is the mother of his 2-year old son. Monique Muller Drags Katlego Maboe To Court For Harassment

Monique Muller Drags Katlego Maboe To Court For Harassment

In South Africa, a protection order aims at preventing the reoccurrence of alleged domestic violence or sexual harassment by stating what conduct the alleged offender must refrain from doing.

The Rapport newspaper on Sunday reported  that Katlego Maboe allegedly broke the stipulations of the protection order that Monique Muller obtained on 3 September in Seapoint, Cape Town. He will now have to appear in court on Tuesday.

The newspaper quotes Eric Ntabazalila, National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson in the Western Cape, who confirmed that Katlego Maboe, as well as Monique Muller, will have to be in court on this coming Tuesday 3 November.

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The growing scandal surrounding the TV personality follows after a video on social media last week that has gone viral in which Katlego Maboe is confronted by Monique Muller over his infidelity.

In the video, Katlego, dressed in a gown, sheepishly admits to having cheated on her with another woman identified as Nikkita Murray who has since locked her social media accounts.

In the video, Monique Muller accuses Katlego Maboe of giving her an STD that damaged her womb, and in another video she claims that Katlego Maboe allegedly physically abused her as well, saying that “When the first physical attack happened I got a protection order against him”.

Katlego Maboe has since abruptly disappeared from the public eye, only releasing a terse statement, saying that “I was unfaithful to my partner during a very important time of our lives – an act I regret to this day. We are currently undergoing an unfortunate and painful separation which is being resolved through legal proceedings”.

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