Celebrity couple Phelo Bala and Moshe Ndiki have revealed that they are actually married for a whole year. Today they are celebrating their one year anniversary and judging by the video shared by Moshe Ndiki they signed the papers in a courtroom.

Moshe Ndiki And Phelo Bala Reveal They Have Been Married For A Year

Relationships in ZAlebville are always hard to keep track with as people are trying by all means to keep their private lives private. Moshe and Phelo have been on everyone’s lips following their relationship woes which hogged the headlines.

Their abusive relationship was placed under a radar after it was reported that they use their fists to solve problems. Alcohol too played a major role in their split which many thought would be the end of their engagement, but in a huge turn of events Phelo was adamant to rekindle their relationship, and he did.

Today, we learnt that the couple actually tied the knot this time last year. They started dating on June 27 2018 and got engaged on September 2 2019. If their announcement is anything to go by, they got married on October 30 2019.

“Happy 1 year Wedding anniversary to us. “What God Has Put Together Let No Man Put Asunder” Matthew 19:6 Happy One year wedding anniversary my love, always has been you , always will be you. @phelobala
#MosheAndPhelo1stWeddingAnniversary 31-10-2019,”wrote Moshe Ndiki.

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They do not wear any diamond rings, instead they tattooed each others initials on their ring fingers.


A video shared by Moshe had many followers in a frenzy, as his husband Phelo can be heard at the background speaking about their relationship saying it has not been easy but they got through the tough times. He also added that there have been people who tried to meddle in their relationship and who wanted to see their downfall these people being mostly their friends.

Moshe warned people to mind their own business as he and his husband are happy.

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