Moshe Ndiki Moved On And Found New Love.  They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and it sure looks like television presenter Moshe Ndiki is still going stronger despite his messy break up with his ex Phelo Bala.

Moshe Ndiki Moved On And Found New Love

Well the pair have been doing well separately but it seems as if television presenter Moshe Ndiki has already found new love. His recent tweets have been suggesting that he might be walking down the aisle soon, and we say soon, we mean it!!

We might be wrong but when someone tells his fans to tell their seamstresses to get their outfits ready for his wedding, that means there’s someone in their lives right??

Moshe stated on Twitter that he promised his loyal fans a wedding and that’s exactly what they’re going to get but the groom is no longer Phelo Bala but someone else.

Now the question remains on who might the lucky guy be ?? Let’s just hope Moshe gives us more information because we love it when our favourite celebs are happy and in love, and we’re definitely looking forward to a wedding.

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Well here’s how tweeps reacted to his tweet.

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