Mpho is the new Gadaffi: This Is How The Writers Are Building Him Up.

When Junior Singo joined Generations The Legacy years ago  to play the character of a neglected, troubled and sweet-looking teenager called Mpho, we suspected there was more to him than meets the eye. He was adopted by the former ‘badass’ married couple; Tshidi and Kumkani Phakade who wanted to avoid the traditional route of a having a child. They were too busy to go through the pregnancy, the hormones, the birth and opted for adoption.

The temporary exit of Tshidi’s character intensified Mpho’s abandonment issues and moulded him into a bolder and braver Mpho we are seeing now. This new version of him all started when his onscreen girlfriend; Nontle got harassed by some lowlifes; he hated feeling helpless and weak and started plotting revenge.

When he created his own gang, he discovered he’s actually a leader, he felt powerful and in control of his life again. Sounds familiar? The writers are creating the new Kumkani ‘Gadaffi’ Phakade because Vuyo Dabula is leaving the show. Unlike Phakade, Mpho isn’t a murderer; we saw this already when he passed up an opportunity to kill the leader of the gang that harassed his girlfriend.
The only similarity between Kumkani and Mpho is that they are both businessmen who are always chasing money.

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Mpho is slowly drifting away from his 9 to 5 housemates/friends and creating new business alliances with Mrekza. He’s building his empire by being the best rookie in Johanessburg. It all looked like a phase until Kumkani invested in his business.

My‘soapie-instinct’ kicked in because Kumkani has never agreed to invest in any of his business ideas until now. When I saw the headlines that Vuyo Dabula is leaving the show, it clicked Mpho is going to be the ‘New Grootman.’

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