Siyabonga Thwala who plays the role of Sengwayo ‘Mpiyakhe’ Zungu will apparently be exiting Isibaya permanently soon. The actor was put on special leave previously and took a break from shooting on Isibaya and got an offer on Mnet’s The Legacy. He apparently had contractual disputes with his producer’s on Isibaya who couldn’t meet his salary demands.

Mpiyakhe Zungu Permanently Leaves Isibaya

Fans will be crushed as they were so excited to have their favorite leading man back on Mzansi Magic’s longest telenovela; Isibaya. Apparently, Thwala has become a diva on set by making demands and has become too difficult to work with. The only reason he apparently came back now is so that they permanently get rid of his character by killing him.

How will he be killed?

It all goes back to his youngest son; Alexandra Zungu who he conceived with his ex-wife; Iris while he was still under Sunday’s spell as ‘Mpiyakhe’ the zombie. His son is currently sick as he has the same powers as his father’s demonic zombie; Mpiyakhe.

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According to the family’s sangoma, the only way for Alex to be rid of the zombie and completely heal is for Sengwayo ‘Mpiyakhe’ Zungu to die. If Sengwayo doesn’t get killed, Alex will continue being sick and he’ll become demonic just like his father was.

Iris will do anything for her son, and she’s not a fan of her ex-husband, so sacrificing him won’t be a problem for her. The problem with this dilemma will be Sengwayo’s other children and his wives who want him to be around.

If he gets killed, Isibaya’s ratings will drop as the show has lost more than five of its leads this year. Viewers connect with Sengwayo because they relate to him, however, Thwala might have had enough of playing the same character for more than half a decade. His role in The Legacy is refreshing for him and he’s exhausted.

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