One thing to remember about life is that we are all tourists to this place called Earth. Given that we are all going to die, the only thing that will last forever is the record of the events that took place while we were still alive and well. That is why when people say they will be separated by death, they are referring to the fact that death is the one thing that can separate us from the things we cherish.

Mr Mudau’s Coffin Left People Stunned - Pics

The death of Arno Mudau, who was well-known in Thohoyandou for being the owner of the famous pub named Jerusalem, which is located in Thohoyandou, took place only a few days ago, shocking the entire community. On Sunday morning, Arno was involved in an accident with one of his camouflaged automobiles, which was parked adjacent to his residence, which was also hidden.

Several others asserted that, despite his business expertise, Mr. Mudau was a ruthless thug with a criminal record. He is considered to be one of the most dreaded guys in Limpopo.

Because he is a huge fan of camouflage, everything of his clothes, cars, and home were camouflaged to look like military symbols to match his passion of the military. Because of his connections and the fact that he was feared, he was referred to as a soldier.


Recently, images of his coffin have been published, showing how he will be laid to rest. The family chose to honor him by providing him with the type of coffin he’d requested: a camouflaged casket, in honor of his passion for camouflage photography. Take a look at the photo of his casket below:

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Despite the fact that it is still under construction, this shot has been trending on social media because people have remarked how elegant and magnificent it looks.


This casket has piqued the interest of many individuals. It was one of the persons who paid a visit to the person who is currently designing it who released the photograph. People were awestruck and impressed by how beautiful it appeared after they saw it for the first time. Take a look at some of the people’s responses below.

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