Multi-award winner Master KG buys his fan a house. Master KG got brows raised after a man with the Twitter name “DJngwazilu” revealed that the music producer bought him a new house.

Multi-award winner Master KG buys his fan a house

The Jerusalema hitmaker is known to always move silently, however, this tweep posted a note of gratitude and tagged KG.

“I had never ever thought one day I will wake up and clean my own house in Johannesburg Midrand….. A blessing on top of another thanks brother love.”

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The DJ responded with “Congratulations my G, more blessings.”

It was unclear if the DJ really bought the house, and another tweep curiously asked the man (DJngwazilu), if Master KG bought him the house, which he confirmed to be true.

The conversation went like this:

“Did he buy a house for you?

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