Mum: I Was Forced To Stay With Dead Baby In My Tummy For 4 Days. A 23 year old woman from Evanton in Vaal alleges that she was neglected by the hospital, which led to her having to keep her dead baby in her tummy for 4 horrific days.

Mum: I Was Forced To Stay With Dead Baby In My Tummy For 4 Days
Maria Ndweni, was admitted to Sebokeng Hospital in order for her to give birth, upon her admission, she was told by doctors at the hospital that she would be prioritised and she was a high-risk patient and her blood pressure was high.

On the 26th of September Maria was told that she would be assisted on the morning of the 27th of September via cesarean.

On the day of the scheduled cesarean, the doctor that was due to assist her alerted her that he would be helping another patient out then returning back to help her, this however, did not occur.

Maria was later alerted by a nurse at the hospital that her child had died a few hours back and that the doctor should have assisted her then.

The doctors at the hospital then promised Maria to assist her with another cesarean to get the now deceased baby out, it took four long days for the doctors to work on their promise and this was after Maria’s boyfriend, Mpho, had caused a scene at the hospital forcing the doctors to comply.

Maria’s boyfriend alleges that when the child was finally removed from her womb, the body had decomposed.

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The spokesperson of the hospital stated that the version of events told by Maria and her boyfriend were not accurate, and that the couple had been alerted of possible complications that might occur during the childbirth.

She also alleges that the patient signed a refusal of further treatment on the 5th of October 2022.

The couple was also referred to the Department of Health to lay any complaints they had.

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