Since the beginning, we have had the sneaking suspicion that these reality shows are staged. And now, Mashelebe and her family are about to demonstrate that we were correct in our assessment, as Musa Mseleku has not paid them the money that he promised to pay them.

Musa Mseleku in hot soup

It’s possible that MaShelembe is still fresh in your mind due to the fact that she became popular after appearing on the show. With women from KwaZulu-Natal even going so far as to organize a lovely baby shower for her, showing how much support they have for her.

They had the impression that what had occurred was her everyday life. She recently voiced her displeasure and complained about the fact that Musa Mseleku‘s show exposed her personal life on national television, but she “gained nothing but stress” as a result of the exposure.

Musa Mseleku in hot soup
However, this is not the end of the story because Mashelembe, her husband Bheki, and her co-wife are now threatening to sue the producer and owner of the Mnakwethu show, Nthabiseng Thomas, for exploiting their predicament.

Her husband asserts that they were going to be paid R50,000 each for appearing on the show, but they only got R12,000 for their participation instead of the promised amount. “In order to be a part of the Mnakwethu show, I was approached by one of the other contestants. According to the terms of the deal, we would each receive R50,000 in compensation. When they refused to give us copies of the contracts, my suspicions were immediately raised.

“Instead of the promised R50,000, I was only given R12,000. Because I needed money to fix my car, I asked them to pay me in advance. If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have been paid, and I would have needed the money to fix my car.
After the show, according to the verbal agreement that we had, I would be paid the remaining balance of the money, but they never paid. I did not inquire because we had a deal in place, and I anticipated that they would uphold their end of the bargain.

“It’s been a year already, and there’s still no indication that payment will be made. I feel betrayed because they used the difficulty of my situation to attract more viewers. According to what Bheki said to Sunday World, “If I had the money, I would be suing them for taking advantage of me.”

Hlengiwe, who is also married to Mashelembe, claimed that she hasn’t received anything either, saying, “I was promised R50,000 but I received nothing.” According to Hlengiwe, “I never followed up because I was extremely pregnant at the time, and I didn’t want to stress myself out.”

When they took all of the paperwork with them, that raised another red flag for me. There is no question in my mind that they made a lot of money off of our episodes, but we did not benefit in any way from it.

After leaving the show, Mashelembe began to complain that she was unable to care for her child. She stated, “I don’t understand why I never received the money because I had an agreement with them.” I am not happy because my life was broadcast on television for everyone to watch, but in the end, all I got out of it was stress. My life has gotten more difficult, and I’m even having trouble affording to buy food and diapers for the baby.

This whole story can not help but leave on wondering if this whole show is scripted just like some popular dramas the likes of Skeem Saam and the likes.


MAKHOSAZANA “MaShelembe” Shelembe has returned to the place where she first appeared.

The MnaKwethu star revealed to the Daily Sun that she had gone back to selling booze, but that her company was not doing particularly well.

“I have no other source of income besides what I make from this business, and I am currently starving. I was fortunate enough to have two baby showers in 2021, which I am very thankful for,” she said.

“Despite the fact that dozens of people gave me money, I was never given a single penny of it. I was given the names of lawyers who could help me, but I have not received any communication from them.

After MaShelembe’s husband Bheki Langa introduced Hlengiwe Sithole as his second wife in September of the previous year, the name of MaShelembe was on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Because of how Hlengiwe treated her, she was able to win the sympathy of the entire nation.

She was approached by a number of businesspeople who offered her the chance to provide for herself and her baby, but she declined all of their offers.

“At that time, I was told to completely disregard any and all calls. The assistance of businesspeople who wanted to help me was prevented, but looking back, I can see that I was misled. I’ve fallen back into poverty, and nobody is willing to help me because I turned down everyone else’s assistance in the past.

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She stated that she had considered asking for assistance on Facebook, but when she did so, she discovered that her account had been hacked.

Someone is using it to solicit monetary contributions from other users. “I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I’m not on Facebook anymore,” she said.

She made a plea to the Samaritans to assist her in her time of need.

According to Bongi Magudulela, one of the businesspeople who had offered to train MaShelembe, he attempted to get in touch with her, but she did not pick up her phone when he called her.

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