Muvhango actress collapses and rushed to hospital after being fired! IT SEEMS that the cast of one of Mzansi’s oldest soapies is not happy.

Muvhango actress collapses and rushed to hospital after being fired!

After letting go of two top actors, Macdonald Ndou and Sydney Ramakuwela, Muvhango apparently also axed Elsie Rasalanavho (71), who played Mukondeleli.
Her character died in May but there are now rumours that she did not leave the show on good terms. she had been a part of for 25 years
A source told Daily Sun: “She is not happy that she is leaving. She wasn’t expecting it.

“When she was told her contract would not be renewed, she collapsed and had to be admitted to hospital.
“It was such a shock that after 25 years of being on the show, she was just dropped.

“She was saying that she didn’t know what she did to the production team that they would do something so painful to her. She gave it her all and they treated her badly.”

Another source said Elsie, who appeared on half of the new season, initially wanted to leave immediately.

“She was told they would make a big deal out of her exit. In fact, a press release was supposed to be released after her last episode but it did not happen. That was when most of us realised something was wrong.
The source said the future was uncertain for some of the other actors too.
“The production company wants more young people on the show, hence they are letting go of some actors.”

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Early in June, Elsie told the SunTeam that she left the show voluntarily.
When she was asked about the new rumours, she said: “Unfortunately, I am unable to talk about it.

All I can say is that I’m not well and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to talk about it.”

Word of Mouth publicist Thanduxolo Jindela said they were looking into the matter.

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