Muvhango actress ‘Tebogo Thobejane allegedly sleeping with the President’. The ladies who live the nightlife are all out exposing each other. Inno Morolong and Tebogo Thobejane are engaged in a nasty, viral feud.

Muvhango actress 'Tebogo Thobejane allegedly sleeping with the President'

From the look of things, the Showmax’s Diamond & Dolls star is done with the Muvhango actress and we probably shouldn’t expect any more reconciliation news. As you’ll recall Inno recently went on an Insta rant threatening to expose one ‘magogo’ who has ashy feet, whom she claimed was a prostitute and also talked about the lady’s hygiene.

It turns out the lady is none other than her former bestie, Tebogo. Going on a rant on Insta live during midnight, Inno said her ex-friend is a pimp and a prostitute. “I don’t sell my body, I sleep good at night… my daughter knows one ex of mine. You call me an old rag but you sleep with 20 guys, in fact, 20 is an understatement. Some of these men you sleep with them without protection and you’re filthy.

“Some of these men fuck you in your own house. No man has fucked me in my own house. You’re even staying with your child but fuck men in your own house. Unprotected sex you love it die. You fuck the same set of friends, should I name drop? I can mention the names of the man… all those Nigerians and old men. Do you remember who hooked you up for your first bracelet? You even had to fuck friends to get that bracelet.

Inno doesn’t stop there she goes on to ask Tebogo about the president and her friend whom she had a threesome with. The club host didn’t mention which president she was referring to. “What about the president? What about when you had a three sum with your friend and you said she was boring in bed?”

She then refers to Tebogo’s home as a ‘poes huis’ says there are different face cloths for different men in her house. She further accuses her best friend of taking drugs. “You take out your substances in front of my people you’re mad. When I am around your people are behave but when you around my people you misbehave. That day I slapped you.

“Please get someone to manage her Instagram as her hands are ashy. I thought it only her feet. If I had to tell you what your celebrity friends are saying about you and your hygiene. Isn’t it that you’re proud that you can be ready in 10 minutes. I bath for 30 minutes, I am proud it’s not like I am slow. I make sure that the water enters well well. That’s why I last in relationships. You’re an easy girl, very easy to fuck.”





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She then goes on to say that the actress gets paid R1000 on Muvhango and makes the rest of the money through her connections. To everyone’s shock, she also revealed that Tebogo is very dangerous she’s ghetto and organises for people to be robbed. “You organised for Sethu to be robbed because she said she’ll punch your botched job.”

Yooh, as if that wasn’t too much to consume Inno continued, saying that Tebogo used to scam people online during lockdown. Well the accusations are much but will leave this one here and you can also watch the videos below:

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