Muvhango’ fans shook that Hulisani was replaced without ‘warning’. Muvhango : The New Hulisani Is Terrible

Muvhango : The New Hulisani Is Terrible
Burnett Gededger On The Hate He Got For His Muvhango Debut. It is not an easy thing for an actor to replace another on a role they have played for some time. This is the case that Burnett Gegedger finds himself in. The talented actor has to fill the shoes of , who played Hulisani on Muvhango.

“I don’t think I’ve ever received such a wide scale of hate projected at me like this….” Khathu Ramabulana, left, played the role of Rendani’s husband. Muvhango fans were left confused on Monday after realising the drama had recast the role of Hulisani and changed the actor without warning fans.

The SABC2, Word of Mouth Pictures production never confirmed rumours in August that actor Khathu Ramabulana, who played Hulisani, had left the show, but fans were left shook on Monday night when a new actor playing the role of Hulisani confirmed their fave was gone.

Instead of seeing Khathu on their screens as usual, Muvhango viewers met a new actor known as Burnett.
The relatively new actor is also popular on Twitter as @TheVendaGuy and is somewhat of a twelep with more than 16k followers.

Muvhango fans filled the TL with memes expressing their shock at the development.
While others were obviously heartbroken Khathu was gone, others seemed excited to welcome the guy who replaced him.

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Meanwhile, the Muvhango Twitter account was living its best life on TL.
When fans flooded the TL with questions about what happened to Hulisani — whose current storyline is dealing with gambling addiction — the person behind the account told tweeps Hulisani had “gambled” his face away. A joke that didn’t land well for everyone.

Burnett Gededger debuted on the latest episode of SABC 2’s Muvhango, taking on the character of Hulisani, who lost a bet to Bra Mbhiza which left him in a compromising position. Burnett Gededger debuted on the latest episode of SABC 2’s Muvhango, which aired on Monday, 7 December 2020. The actor has taken on the character of Hulisani, who was introduced to the storyline as someone who had lost a bet to Bra Mbhiza.

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