Muvhango’s Mpho becomes a widow as her husband is killed. Muvhango fans were shocked last night (18 January) when Tenda’s wife – Mpho was informed by the ancestors that she is going to be a widow.

Muvhango's Mpho becomes a widow as her husband is killed.

Tenda is being held kept captive by the Angel of Justice (Tshireletso and James Motsamai) who want him dead.


#Muvhango is worried that their fan-favourite character Tenda will likely get killed this season after Mpho consulted the ancestors and was told that she is going to be a widow.

Tenda was kidnapped by the Angel of Justice who are recording and sharing his kidnapping and forcing him to admit to his crimes.
His life hangs in the balance as the Angel of Justice has called on people to vote for him to die or live.

Tenda (Nathaniel Ramabulana) has gotten away with killing people, stealing from companies, and many more.

James (Dingaan Mokebe) kidnapped Tenda because he kidnapped him first and Tshireletso (Nay Maps) is helping James because Tenda killed his brother – Hulisani.


Viewers are also disappointed that Mpho (Azwimmbavhi Rambuda) is only consulting with the ancestors now when her husband is dying.
She never used her gift when Hulisani (Burnett Gededger) got killed by her husband.

Mpho wasn’t able to consult when their baby got kidnapped because she allowed Tenda to stop her from practicing as a sangoma.

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Audiences feel that she is being punished by her ancestors because she turned a blind eye to her husband’s criminal activities.

She deserves to be a widow because she didn’t turn him in when he confessed to killing his nephew – Hulisani.

Mpho lived a cleaner and uncomplicated life when she was married to her first husband – Azwindini who never killed stole or manipulated anyone.

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